Traditional crafts have prevailed by overcoming adversity through the years, even though they have faced critical difficulties many times. We consider this to be the result of repeated updates in traditional crafts themselves in response to changes in the zeitgeist of each era.

In fact, traditional crafts are industries have continuously revamped themselves to stay au courant by incorporating new materials, technologies, and ideas. Perhaps one cause of these crafts' recent decline is that only one aspect--tradition--has been brought too much to the fore, causing things that have merely been unchanged since ancient times to be mistaken for traditional crafts.

Our viewpoint is that trying to revamp traditional crafts is one of the key instruments to their survival. To that end, we 1) break down and study the techniques behind traditional crafts in detail, 2) clarify the strengths of those techniques, and 3) combine and incorporate them with other craft approaches around the world.

Through this, we aim to create new products that are in line with the times, and at the same time create opportunities for new craftsmanship approaches to emerge.

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